Thursday, 26 June 2014

Thank you Warriors & Kids Can for the Jackets and Pants. They are warm, comfortable and soft. We got them for free.Thank You!!!!

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

My speech

You are crazy if you think coming to school every Saturday is OK! I have got other things to do.Kia Ora my name is Fatui and I’m here today to convince you Why we need 2 day weekends.

Firstly, I need time away from school.I always sleep on saturdays but if I don’t everything will be backwards.If I come to school on saturdays I will fall asleep if I fall asleep a will get in trouble if I get in trouble the teachers will call my parents when they call my parents my parents will get mad thats why i believe we should still have 2 day weekends.

Secondly, I need family time and i have to think for 35 hours straight if i go school on saturdays that will be another 7 hours.Going to school on saturdays will make me have to make extra lunch.I won’t be able to think in class and my chromebook  will be on for 6 days.
And my teacher will be teaching kids for 6 days.

Thirdly,lets think about our teacher and bus drivers… they will be tired teaching and driving kids when they get tired they will get grumpy when they get grumpy we will get in trouble and the teachers will have to print 6 lots of work for the class and if we do go to school on saturdays all the teachers ideas will be all gone to da in class so thats why I believe we should still have 2 day weekends.  

In conclusion, I have told you three reasons why we should still have 2 day weekends
1.I need time away from school
2.our parents don’t see us for 6 days
3.think about the bus drivers and teachers
now I have told you three good reasons why we still need 2 day weekends
I’m Fatui and thank you for listening to my speech.

Friday, 6 June 2014

Recount: A time I was Successsful
WALT: Retell of a past experience.
WILF Audience has all the information needed

"Want a race"? LJ asked me. "what happens if I loose" in front of the School?
Who cares at least you will try. Ready....Set....Go!!

We ran down the courts,straight past the playground.
I think Im winning there is no sight of him ohh he's ready bettin me to the office.

"But that's not the end" I said. We ZOOMED across Room 25.
We had to go in the hall even though we weren't allowed through there.

I really wanted to win, if I didn't people will mock me.
There were people in the way, I told them to "move" but they wouldn't listen.

I was getting tired but I wouldn't give up! Now the finish lines right there.

I looked boths ways he was on my left Im just ahead of him a little. I thought could I stay like this to the end.
IM WINNING IM WINNING I screamed out loud
and I Won.

I couldn't believe I didn't want to race him. Im never
doing something like that again.