Friday, 6 June 2014

Recount: A time I was Successsful
WALT: Retell of a past experience.
WILF Audience has all the information needed

"Want a race"? LJ asked me. "what happens if I loose" in front of the School?
Who cares at least you will try. Ready....Set....Go!!

We ran down the courts,straight past the playground.
I think Im winning there is no sight of him ohh he's ready bettin me to the office.

"But that's not the end" I said. We ZOOMED across Room 25.
We had to go in the hall even though we weren't allowed through there.

I really wanted to win, if I didn't people will mock me.
There were people in the way, I told them to "move" but they wouldn't listen.

I was getting tired but I wouldn't give up! Now the finish lines right there.

I looked boths ways he was on my left Im just ahead of him a little. I thought could I stay like this to the end.
IM WINNING IM WINNING I screamed out loud
and I Won.

I couldn't believe I didn't want to race him. Im never
doing something like that again.

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  1. Awsome story Fatui very good details