Friday, 22 August 2014

I am going to tell you why I like my Chromebook?

I like my Chromebook because…

  • I like my Chromebook because its more faster and better Then a book.

  • It helps you learn better.

  • And you can play games after your Mahi.

  • And you can research more stuff then a book

  • you can travel with it.

It helps my learning by…

  • It helps my learning by finishing my work faster.

  • You can learn more stuff with a chromebook then a book


  1. I LIKE MY CHROMBOOK i like the way you gave as good reasons next time change the colour nice work

  2. Hi Tui,i love my chrombook to. It help me in a lot a ways like learning in different ways of learning room 5 have found loods of websites.If you want to no some reply. Next time litte bit more bescue I would like to read more.

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  4. I like MY Chromebook because is helps me with my learning and I learning new things from it everyday and it is really than not then a book also how much do you like it? but I like it!!!