Thursday, 20 November 2014

WALT: Tell our audience how we feel about our school
being vandalised.

What kind of Idiot smashes windows?
Does that sound like fun to you?
On…..Friday 14th November at our school Kaikohe west over 16 windows were smashed over Night.No one know’s who smashed these 16 windows.

Our caretaker Pappy spent all night covering them with boards.I’m sure he would of rather been snuggled up in bed instead of picking up glass at school. Poor Pappy.

Because of these punks our Tamariki and Kaiako had to move to different classes for a while because there was tiny pieces of glass all over the carpet.
Would you like to sit on this carpet and be cut with the class?

So Whanau…. when you see someone jumping fences tell someone.
If you see someone doing something stupid Call 111.
This is my school.
I like my school.

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